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Two web and app developers. 30+ years combined experience...

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Image of Pendigital director Tim Bowerbank

Tim Bowerbank


Coding since 2003 and passionate about the opportunities of the modern web plus apps. Including, the JAMStack, static site generators, progressive web apps and native apps. I coded my first website in 2003 and started developing games and software for children. I did this alongside a marketing career that involved digital marketing and coaching. I have designed, built and launched learning platforms that attract thousands of visitors. Started with ActionScript 1, progressed to the object-oriented AS3. And now immersed in the world of Typescript, Dart and Javascript. Loving Flutter, Angular, Eleventy, Jekyll, Git, Netlify, Firebase, RxJS and more...

Image of director Emma Daubney

Emma Daubney


I am a full stack developer with over 15 years of commercial development experience. Mainly having worked with Microsoft technologies as an ASP.NET MVC C# SQL Server developer, alongside different JavaScript libraries on the front-end. I love learning new technologies and creating interactive UIs, so a few years ago I began to explore the potential of developing apps using Google Flutter. I took on my first commercial app development project in 2022. I also released my own app to Google Play and App Store in the same year and just released a game app for kids. Currently exploring Flutter Flame game engine and updating my .NET and Angular skills.

Combined coding experience of 30+ years - and still loving it!

1. Who are we?

We are Emma and Tim Bowerbank. Two web and app developers. We’ve both been coding for a combined total of 30 years. We married in 2014 and have two lovely children.

After working on quite a few complex web projects together we decided that a) we could work together very well. And b) that our skills can help others to launch, fix and maintain their digital projects.

2. Where are we?

We’re based in Cornwall, in the UK. But we can work with you wherever you may be. Including different timezones. We work from our home office in Falmouth. And can meet and discuss your projects via Google Meet or FaceTime or your chosen video conference tool.

3. What do we do best?

Above all, we are professional and focused developers helping you to realise your web or app goal.

Solution focused: We work with you to find the best solution for your customers. Solutions that are easy to use, effective, quick, secure and scalable. We use different code frameworks and libraries to achieve this. Check out our content on web and app development to see the specific technologies that we use.

Business focused: Tim is also a graduate of business and spent the first part of his career in marketing. This brings a very customer-focused aspect to projects. It also means Tim has a good insight into the workings of businesses.

Creativity: Both of us have a strong creative side. At different points in our careers we have illustrated, written, designed and painted. Whatever system we work on, we always like to make sure it is visually attractive, as well as logical!

Training oriented: Both of us have also taught and coached. Whenever we build a system for you then we’ll also ensure that you receive proper training. This ensures that you and your team are confident in using the solution we provide.

Search engine optimisation. Tim also has a background in SEO, having taken web projects from zero to thousands of visitors each day. We’ll discuss the importance of this with you right from the outset.

We’re small: We’re only two developers. So we can build and deploy small projects on short timescales. Or we can build larger projects with a longer timeframe. Either way we always communicate start times, progress and release dates. If you want a large project delivered yesterday then we’re not the developers for you.

Agile: We also like to follow an agile approach to any development. This is so that the end product meets your goals.

4. Friendly and approachable

We’re very friendly and approachable. If you have a project in mind then please don’t hesitate in contacting us to discuss. We’re happy to have a Google Meet to discuss the ins and outs as well as offering advice.

5. Why the name Pendigital?

‘Pen’ is the Cornish word for point or headland. Falmouth, where we live, has a point with Pendennis Castle on it. Throughout our site we have used images of our coastline and watersport activities. We love living and working by the sea. Cornwall is a very special place and has a thriving web development community.

Image of guiding lighthouse

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