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freelance flutter developer UK
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Freelance Flutter Developer UK

Tim Bowerbank Emma Bowerbank Flutter developer

Helping you build and launch your Flutter app

Two friendly freelancers helping you to build your application using Flutter. All development work done in-house. You'll always deal with us direct. Based in the UK, work with you wherever you are.


Flutter Development Company

Flutter developer Emma Bowerbank Tim Bowerbank helping you develop Flutter applications

Hello! We’re two Flutter developers based in the UK. Helping you to create Android and iOS apps, desktop software or web applications. As a small business that doesn’t outsource any coding, or use Account Managers, you’ll always deal direct with us. That’s a huge benefit for getting exactly what you need.

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Dependable apps

Each feature of your application will be thoroughly tested. We will give you a quality, dependable app and consequent peace of mind. All our apps are manually-coded using the Dart programming language. We won’t use any no-code tools to build your application.

Beautiful responsive UIs

We’ll take your designs and turn them into reality. We have experience with rich interfaces beyond the ready-made widgets. Interfaces that will respond to mobile, tablet and desktop.

Budget friendly

One codebase for many different devices means less development time. This means less cost for you. Target not only iOS and Android mobile and tablets, but also desktop, and web. Even Raspberry Pi! The latter is useful for prototyping.

No unexpected costs

We will provide you with a fixed price. Unless the scope of work changes then the price doesn’t change. We can change this approach for agile-focused projects.

Combined coding experience of 30+ years - and still loving it!

Our App Reviews

Nice words about Pendigital

We always work hard to ensure you get what you need for your app development.

From start to finish, Pendigital has been fantastic. Tim and Emma worked closely with us throughout to ensure the Wylder app met and surpassed our expectations. Communication was always very easy and they showed great patience giving us the tools we needed to understand the process, make informed decisions, and be equipped to manage the app after launch. We are delighted with the high quality of the outcome and would highly recommend their services.

Kate Nicholls


We worked on a complex mobile app with Pendigital and were very impressed by their friendly and professional approach, the scope of their technical knowledge and their excellent customer service ethic. Highly recommended.

Tanya Krzywinska

Falmouth University

Image of the Wylder Flutter application on an iPhone

What kind of projects can we do?

We can implement a wide range of projects. Including:

  • New projects for start-ups or established businesses, including business apps, lifestyle apps. And even games.
  • Upgrades, for example, upgrading to the latest version
  • Fixing broken projects
  • Converting FlutterFlow projects
  • Converting Bubble projects
  • Converting React Native and Ionic apps

What is Flutter?

It's a framework for building app (applications) for many different types of devices. Using this framework you can build mobile and tablet apps. But it doesn't stop there... you can also build software for the desktop and web. You can even run it on a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

Developed by Google and backed by Google. In fact, many of Google's digital products use Flutter. It's safe to say that Google is heavily invested in this framework.

What can be made with it?

iOS and Android Apps

With one codebase you can build apps that run on both Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Desktop Software

Desktop software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. With tools that can interact with the local file system and more.

Web Applications

You can also compile to a web application. So it can run in browsers including Chrome, Safari and MS Edge. It's perfect for admin type systems where page load speed is not an important issue.

Embedded Devices

Embedded systems, for example, Toyota is using it for their in-dash infotainment systems.

On Raspberry Pi

[Apologies, author is excited by this... hence the repetition] Perfect for creating stand alone IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Flutter can interact with the GPIO (general purpose input output) pins and can connect to external hardware. We're planning to experiment with this at some point soon.

What are the main advantages?


If you're planning to deploy to more than one type of device then Flutter is going to save you money. The typical example, is deploying an app to both Android and iOS.


It performs fast on all devices, with slick and native-feel animation.

Productivity Boost

The Google team has abstracted away a lot of the complexity. Whilst the framework is very capable of building completely bespoke UIs. It also comes with a complete set of widgets that you can drop into your code with ease. Hence, it's fast to create apps. Often perfect for minimal viable products (MVPs).


Backed by Google and Google also uses it internally... then it's a safe bet when selecting a framework to use. Other frameworks can come and go, or radically change. We've been on the wrong-side of that in the past and it's painful... let's not talk Flash.

Type Safety = less Bugs

The framework uses Dart, a type-safe programming language. Other app frameworks don't necessarily enforce type safety. It's a very important feature as it prevents unwanted types that can cause bugs.


It comes with a robust testing framework. Where all aspects of the code can be auto-tested. Once written, tests can run very quickly. This tests new code but importantly checks existing code after modifications.

Extending with packages

Flutter has access to a very large library of useful packages. Need to create a downloadable PDF? Access the device's camera? Animate a card to flip? You can do all these things plus more with packages (also known as plugins) from Explore it now.

Our experience

Find me a beach app

Powerful searching of more than 250 Cornish and Devon beaches allows users to find their perfect beach. Read the case study.

Bluetooth treasure hunt app

We helped a client to launch a bluetooth treasure hunting app. The app listened to Bluetooth beacons and alerted the user when they were close. The app then provides treasure in the form of knowledge about what they have found.

Wylder Well-being app

A new well-being app that helps users connect to nature. Read the case study.

Rocks and Crystals Explorer

A new app targeted at young rock and crystal enthusiasts. Travel the world (virtually) uncovering amazing rocks and crystals. More on that to come...

Looking forward to building your application

Please contact us to discuss your app in more detail. If you would like to know more about how we work then please explore our app developer page.

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