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Boosting your Core Web Vitals

Two friendly freelancers who specialise in fast web pages. Helping you diagnose and fix speed issues.

Website Speed Consultant UK - fast loading on mobile


Helping you improve page loading speed

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Two freelance developers focused on website speed issues. We specialise in all aspects of improving the page speed of your site, helping you go from slow to fast loading web pages. This website's core vitals measure: 100/100/100/100 - you're in safe hands!

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Improve your SERP ranking

Fast loading sites get an SEO boost from Google. If SEO is critical to your marketing then you need to ensure that your website performs well.

Decrease bounce rates

Slow web pages shed users faster than a rat up a drain pipe. Decrease your bounce rate by ensuring that your web pages are super-fast.

From audits to development

We can support your site with all aspects of improving page speed performance. From audits, to recommendations through to all the development needed.


We always ensure that all aspects are fully explained in non-dev speak. And always happy to share our techniques along the way too.

Make sure you book a free 30 minute website speed consultation...

Website speed optimisation reviews

Nice words about Pendigital...

We always go the extra mile to ensure that you're happy with our services. Hear from some of our customers below.

"Pendigital put in so much work behind the scenes to make sure everything loads as quickly as possible, and to make the site robust and user-friendly. I had many requests along the way, which Tim was always more than happy to implement for me. I feel like I now have a website I can really be proud of. Thanks Tim!"

Naomi Jenkin

Naomi Jenkin Art

"Tim’s flexible approach and support has meant that we now have a fantastic website that will support Scientific Services going forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pendigital’s services and I am looking to use their services to support other marketing activities in the future."

Carly Matthews

Scientific Services

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1. The need for speed...

Sorry for the 1980s header... but with websites there is definitely a need for speed. Especially if SEO and user experience are top of your marketing priority list.

It's a well known fact now that:

  1. Google ranks fast loading web pages higher in the SERPs
  2. Website visitors leave pages that are slow to load

With regards to the latter, relate how you behave with a web browser. If a site is slow to respond it's frustrating and you start to have negative feelings about the website you're on.


2. How we can help

We can help you in four main ways, as follows.

2.1 Free 30 minute consultation

If you suspect, or know, that your web pages are having speed issues (even minor ones) then we can help with an initial diagnosis.

We can run our tests here. This will primarily focus on a PageSpeed Insights for both mobile and desktop views. The consultation will focus on:

  • One or two core pages of your website
  • Examine the visible code assets of these pages, including: HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Examine third party code that may be slowing down your web page
  • Check the impact of images and any video
  • Check from a feasibility point of view if we can help
  • Outline what options you have in moving forward


2.2 Audit and Report

After the free consultation, the next step is a paid-for report on the issues that are causing your web pages to be slow. The report will make recommendations which you would be able to take to your web developer to do. Please note, we can also put in place changes.

The report will cover each of the following with specific tailored recommendations:

  • Your home page's performance
  • Your main landing pages as provided by you - limited to six (if more needed then please request)
  • Your hosting
  • And more...


2.3 Website Speed Optimisation Services

We're also able to complete development work on certain systems that include:

  • WordPress
  • Static site generated websites Jekyll and Eleventy
  • Plain HTML, CSS and Javascript sites
  • Any system if it's a rebuild

If we believe that your current site cannot be improved sufficiently then we will recommend a new build based on your current design. For example, we may recommend that you rebuild your WP Elementor site with WP Bricks Builder website instead.

We normally discount any new build since the design is already established. It's just a case of rebuilding it with performance in mind.


2.4 Mentoring / Training

If you'd to know more about website performance then we're happy to run online mentoring sesssions with you. These can be question and answer sessions or more in-depth.

As a first port of call, definitely book in for a free consultation. It would be great to meet you and have a good look at your website.


3. Have you checked out our blog performance articles?

We've written a series of in-depth articles on website performance. We've tailored these articles for marketing people, but they would be equally suited for business owners.

Here are the main titles:

Have a good read and let us know if you have any questions!


4. Frequently asked questions

How much does the audit and report cost?
Please contact us to get a quote.

How long does it take to complete the report?
Normally, we complete the report within a week. But it's worthwhile booking in in advance so that we can schedule your work. We are only a small business.

Can you provide advice to me so that the work can be completed in-house?
Yes, check out the mentoring section above... but we can assign recommendations and weekly tasks to you.

If you rebuild my website, will the design be different?
No, it will be the same as before. Unless of course we collectively decide to drop features that add no value from a website visitor perspective. For example, a social media feed in a footer my be costing you valuable bytes but adding no value to your customers.


5. Look forward to meeting you

We look forward to discussing your website in more detail. Please contact us now to book in for your free 30 minute consultation.


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