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WordPress Developer Cornwall

Tim Bowerbank Emma Bowerbank

Helping you achieve a fast and secure WordPress website

Two friendly freelancers specialising in WordPress. Helping to build and maintain your website. From theme development through to migrations - we can help.


High performing WordPress websites

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We're two WordPress Developers based in Cornwall in the UK. We place an emphasis on high performing websites. Sites that are super-secure and easily maintained with minimal use of plugins.

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Fast Sites

We focus on minimising the amount of code used to build your site. Reducing any HTML bloat, through to minimal use of CSS and Javascript.


We reduce the attack points on your website. And we use high quality managed web hosting to ensure your site is super secure. This includes regular system updates and more.

Easy to use

We ensure that your site is easy for you to use. We provide online training on handover to ensure you can hit the road running.

Save you £

We aim to save you money on your site. We do this by simplification of your configuration. Ensuring that it's as low maintenance as possible.

Building high-performing sites - max message, minimal code


Nice words about Pendigital...

Working hard to ensure you're super delighted with your website.

Tim made the creation and going-live of our new site totally easy, especially bearing in mind our very low knowledge base in the field of website technology. I cannot recommend higher the level of his service and his attention to detail. His patience and understanding of our time constraints made the whole operation run smoothly. He quickly grasped the context of our business and was able to make appropriate suggestions to guide us through the choices for layout and content. I 100% recommend Tim.

Alexandra Evans

Salomon Partners

Pendigital helped us at a time when our website was not functioning and its original creator abandoned ship! They identified immediate improvements to the way our site functions, loads and displays as well as getting the enquiry form to work properly. The site is now sitting on a more secure server and all in all I feel we have a much better, secure and user-friendly site without spending a fortune. Tim is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient and explains concepts to the uninitiated in the arts of code, etc, so you gain some understanding of how everything is put together and why.

Melanie Sharp

A2 Rigging

image of A2 Rigging website built with WordPress and LiveCanvas

1. High Performance WordPress

Our primary goal is to ensure that your website is high performing. Scoring highly on PageSpeed Insights tests. This is a critical aspect which is often over-looked by developers.

It's essential as fast loading sites prevent your visitors bouncing off them. As well as giving your search engine rankings a boost. So, it's very good for your business.

To ensure your site performs well, we perform the following points:

  • HTML: Ensure that your site is cleanly coded. There are some PageBuilders out there that build HTML components with far too complex HTML. Using more HTML tags than is necessary. We're all about maximising your message with the minimal amount of HTML.
  • CSS: CSS Styles your HTML. Slow sites often include redundant styles. I.e. not needed for the components on the web page that is being viewed. We ensure that the minimal amount of CSS is used.
  • Javascript (JS): Javascript provides interactivity on your web pages. Slow sites often use javascript libraries such as JQuery. Often not all of the library is needed, This means, again, that there is redundant code shipping with each web page. We don't do that. Preferring to not use libraries but bespoke vanilla JS.
  • HTTP requests: Poor performing websites are often making many requests to the server for code. E.g. extra CSS or JS files. This is often to do with too many plugins being used. We only use the smallest amount of plugins.
  • Third-party code: Third party code such as Google Tag Manager can have a dramatic effect on the loading of your web page. We discuss this in detail when you work with us and pick an approach that works for your business. We can minimise the effect of third party libraries by deferring them until your content is loaded.

You can read more about our views on website performance with our series of articles on it.


2. Saving you £

We're confident that we can provide you with a value for money package for a new site. Our business model doesn't include maintenance contracts. You can use us on a when-needed basis.

We also set you up direct with our preferred managed hosting solution. So you get hosting at cost-price, not marked-up by us.

We recommend FlyWheel for the hosting of your site. It's managed hosting. We prefer this approach as:

  • Speed: We've achieved 90+ page speed scores
  • Backups: Backups are performed daily
  • Version Control: Roll back easily to an earlier backup
  • Auto System Updates: Automatic updating of your system when there are new releases. Always be on the latest release.
  • SSL Certificates: Included SSL certificates (for https)
  • Local WP Software: A local software development tool. Ease of pushing and pulling the site so that we, as developers, can work on your site with ease.
  • Caching: Caching is built into the hosting, so no need for extra caching plugins
  • And much more...

We just feel that FlyWheel (and WP Engine) has the edge over other managed hosting companies.


3. Simplicity - Ease of use

We've taken a long hard look at the best way of managing content on your website. As well as doing a tonne of research. Depending on your preferences, this can include:

  • Easy to use page builders that offer great code performance
  • Custom Gutenberg blocks
  • Advanced Custom Fields

Before we price a solution, we'll discuss each option in depth with you so that the outcome will meet your needs.


4. Recommended Page Builders

We've tested many page builders as well as assessing their code and running speed tests on their respective sites.

We've been working with LiveCanvas and are very pleased with the results. And we're currently starting a project with Bricks Builder which looks very promising.


5. Accessibility

A strong theme throughout our work is ensuring that your WordPress website is accessible. During the build of the site we'll ensure that all the correct semantic HTML tags are used as well as a whole host of other aspects.

You can read our Improving Accessibility article to find out more about our approach.

We'll be looking to score 100/100 for accessibility on a PageSpeed Insights test. N.B. There are times when there isn't enough contrast between text and their background colour. When this is the case, we flag it up early with you. From there you can decide on whether to live with it, or to correct the issue.


6. From Figma

If you've been working with a designer to build out your layouts and branding in Figma. Then we're very happy to work direct from the Figma files.


7. Migrations

If we're discussing a new website, then we'll examine migration of your content to the new site. We'll also look at all the issues around search engine optimisation to ensure that you don't lose any Google rankings.


8. Headless WordPress

If you love this content management system but want a new front end using some different tech. For example, if you wanted a static website. Then we can use WordPress as a headless content management system.

We'd need to examine how your current content is managed. And run a feasibility check on what the RESTful API delivers.


9. Setup and Configuration Only

For those of you who are very happy developing your sites with a page builder but are unsure of the technical setup and config. Then we're able to support you with:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Setup accounts with FlyWheel and WP Engine
  • Sort DNS settings for your domain name to point at your new site
  • Install SSL certificates
  • Setup password protection during your development phase
  • Setup staging sites
  • Install themes
  • Remove obsolete themes
  • Hide the login page
  • Add email signup forms, e.g. MailChimp
  • Sort and test forms (e.g. Contact Form 7)
  • Build out headers and footers from your designs
  • Provide online training (limited to our page builders: LiveCanvas and Bricks)
  • And much more - just let us know what you need.

We're happy to provide this service whatever your preferred page builder is, e.g. Elementor and Divi.


10. Theme Development

If you need a bespoke theme then we can build this for you. This gives us the opportunity to optimise the theme for performance.

We do this through:

  • Purging of unnecessary CSS code
  • Optimising any Javascript code used
  • Ensuring that only JS and CSS is used where it is needed
  • Mitigating the impact of their third-party code, e.g. Google Tag Manager


11. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We have a strong track record in search engine optimised websites. Hopefully, you landed on this page because of our SEO! We have taken sites to thousands of visitors simply through SEO techniques.

We work hard to ensure that any existing rankings remain unaffected when moving to a new site.

We use the following techniques:

  • Yoast SEO for on-page SEO - Title Tag, Meta Description tag (and also Yoast for Open Graph social tags)
  • Redirects if URLs change
  • Google's search console
  • As well as a standalone SEO tool

If you have any concerns about a new site and your search engine ranking then we'd be happy to have an in-depth session with you. We'd discuss all the above points and clearly explain how we'd keep any link equity.


12. Training

All our work comes with online training. We like to ensure that you are totally independent for managing the content of your website. For anything that is tricky, we often provide short-cut guides that you can follow.


13. Look forward to discussing your project

We look forward to discussing your project and seeing how we can support you.

Please contact us to get started.

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