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Eleventy Developer UK

A Static Site Generator with Superpowers

From crazy fast builds through to image optimisation. Eleventy has it all for a superior performing website.

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We build high performance websites using the Eleventy static site generator

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We're two Eleventy Developers based in the UK. We love Eleventy - it's feature packed and in our opinion the best static site generator out there. We can't wait to build your site with it.

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Go Static!

Start benefitting from all the advantages of static sites. Fast PageSpeed Insights performance scores, exceptional security, stability and scalable around the globe.

Crazy Fast Builds

Building a site with 4,000 pages in less than two seconds. It's used by large companies to build their websites and has a rapidly growing following.

Everything You Need

Comes bundled with some amazing features. Including: paginating content, blog categories and tags. Even optimising images size, quality, WebP.

Easy Editing

Combine with a wide range of easy to use content management systems. Build complex layouts with your library of components.

Superfast builds, high performance websites, SEO boost...

Developer Reviews

Nice words about Pendigital...

Experts in static site generators. We always go the extra mile to support you.


"We have worked with Tim and Pendigital on a number of web dev projects over the past year. They are a highly talented team who are consummate professionals, extremely knowledgeable, and very quick and easy to communicate with despite being on the opposite side of the world. Would happily recommend them to anyone."

Natalie Howard

Scissors App

"Pendigital put in so much work behind the scenes to make sure everything loads as quickly as possible, and to make the site robust and user-friendly. I had many requests along the way, which Tim was always more than happy to implement for me. I feel like I now have a website I can really be proud of. Thanks Tim!"

Naomi Jenkin

Naomi Jenkin Art

Image of the scissors website built with Eleventy

1. What is Eleventy?

Eleventy is a static site generator (SSG). It's one of the tools leading a revolution in how websites are built and managed. The revolution is JamStack.

Static site generators build your website every time there is a change to your content. They merge your content with your design layouts and produce all your HTML pages for your site. Check out our article on 'What is a static site generator'.

2. Features

This SSG comes with a lot of built-in features. That's why we love it so much. It's our goto static site generator.

2.1. Build Speed

It has exceptional build speed. The Eleventy site states it can process 4,000 markdown files in less than two seconds. It's so fast that on small sites it doesn't feel like you're using a static site generator.

2.2. Complex landing pages

Use it with a CMS like CloudCannon and you'll be able to create complex landing pages. Choosing which components you'd like to use from your library. This makes it easy to build-out landing pages that shine in super quick time.

2.3 Amazing blogs

Eleventy is a great partner to have in your content marketing strategy. You can build blogs that have categories, tags and pagination. Pagination is the ability to group your blog posts into separate pages.

2.4 Exceptional Image Optimization

Say goodbye to PageSpeed Insights warnings such as 'properly size images'. And 'Serve images in next-gen formats'. We can use the images plugin that can:

  • Resize images
  • Optimize image quality for smaller file sizes
  • Create WebP images from your Jpegs and PNGs

2.5 Dynamic Components

If you need dynamic content. I.e. content that is changing and needs to be sourced from a remote database then you can use dynamic components. We embed these components using the Island feature.

3. Pendigital adding extra value

We're focused on design, performance, accessibility and ease of use.

We'll ensure that your site:

  • Has a great design that maximises conversion to customer
  • Has optimized HTML, CSS and Javascript for fast loading. Start reading our web performance series of articles.
  • Doesn't fall foul of slow loading due to third party libraries such as Google Tag Manager
  • Is accessible - check out our accessibility article
  • Is super easy to edit using our recommended CMS - CloudCannon.
  • Has all you need for great search engine optimisation
  • Has all you need to maximise your content marketing and social media strategy

We'll also migrate your site painlessly from other systems. Including: WordPress, or your WordPress builder (e.g. Elementor), or other systems such as: Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5.

If you have any questions about this approach, we're happy to discuss them in detail before you make the leap to a static site.

4. Example Applications

You can use SSGs for a variety of different type sites, including:

  • Marketing websites with rich, editable content
  • Documentation websites
  • E-commerce sites when combined with a tool such as Snipcart
  • Learning websites

5. Content Management Systems

Editing content with your Eleventy powered website is very easy. We can support different CMSs including:



Our preferred CMS (We're a CloudCannon official partner). It provides an amazing UI for editing your website. If you're used to WordPress then you'll find CloudCannon a cinch.


WordPress (REST API):

Did you know that your WordPress website can be used as a headless CMS. WordPress can expose your content through its REST API. If you love WordPress then this could be a great option for you.


Sanity Headless CMS:

Using Sanity, you can also easily edit your static site.


Have another CMS that you'd like to use? Let us know and we'll do a feasibility check on it. Also, check out Eleventy's page on CMSs.

6. SEO Friendly

We also love SSGs as they're super-easy to create SEO content silos. Our preferred approach to search engine optimisation. We can talk to you about this in much more detail. But imagine your blog, or knowledge bank articles nested below content of the relevant landing pages. Brilliant!

7. Let's discuss your new site and content management system

We look forward to showcasing our work to you. By the way, our Pendigital site is built with Eleventy. Check out this article on the features we built into it.

Contact us to start the discussion.

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