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App Developer

Developing apps for iOS and Android with one code-base. Based in Cornwall, UK, working with you wherever you may be...


Developing iOS and Android cost-effective apps that scale

  • Tim Bowerbank Freelancer
  • Emma Bowerbank Freelancer

Hi! We are two UK-based app developers. Helping you to bring your app vision to life. Providing you with cost-effective development with an agile approach. Our apps are fast, secure and scale with demand.

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One code-base for both iOS and Android apps. Using Google's Flutter, we can create beautiful apps that work on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Support to scope the development of your app so that it meets your goals. From the initial sketches through to a final product, we're there each step of the way.

Secure, fast, scalable

Our apps use Google's Cloud Platform for your assets and data. This serverless computing approach gives you high security, performance and scales with demand.

Admin back-ends

User-friendly back-ends created to help you manage the content of your app. Deployed to the browser or as an admin app... whatever works best for you.