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Building you fast, secure, scalable websites

Two friendly freelancers building your super-fast website that's also super-secure, easily scalable and easy to edit. Welcome to static site generators - the future of website development.


We build high performance websites using static site generators

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We're two static site developers based in the UK, but helping you wherever you may be. We use a range of generators. We're excited about the amazing advantages that they can bring to your website.

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Super Fast

They're super-fast - generating web pages ahead of requests. We also optimize sites for speed. Max message, min HTML, CSS, Javascript and http requests.

Super Secure

Only exposing HTML to any would-be attackers. There's no system to hack into in comparison with a CMS such as WordPress.

Easily Scalable

Since the server only needs to return ready-made HTML pages. They easily scale. And we provide you with hosting that easily manages any spikes in demand.

Easy to Edit

We use content management systems that make it a snitch to edit your content. We're CloudCannon experts and also use headless CMSs.

Experienced, helpful, using the best of the modern web to support your website.


Nice words about Pendigital...

We always go the extra mile to support you.

"Tim’s flexible approach and support has meant that we now have a fantastic website that will support Scientific Services going forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pendigital’s services and I am looking to use their services to support other marketing activities in the future."

Carly Matthews

Scientific Services

"Pendigital put in so much work behind the scenes to make sure everything loads as quickly as possible, and to make the site robust and user-friendly. I had many requests along the way, which Tim was always more than happy to implement for me. I feel like I now have a website I can really be proud of. Thanks Tim!"

Naomi Jenkin

Naomi Jenkin Art

Image of the static site Scientific Services

1. How we can help you

We love static site generators (SSGs) and the advantages that they can bring to your website.

We can help your site in the following ways:

1.1 Improve its performance

They're inherently fast as all the HTML pages are ready-made and ready-to-go. When an inbound request comes in, the server can respond instantly. In comparison, systems such as WordPress have to start-up, search the database, build the layout. And eventually send the HTML back to the requester.

But don't be fooled by the hype about SSGs. Developers can still build a slow statically generated site. We don't do that of course. We focus on:

  • Maximising your message with as little HTML code as possible. This advantage is tackling the issues associated with page builders generating too many HTML tags. Read our blog post about this.

  • Max style but with a minimal amount of CSS code used. Again, we tackle the speed issues associated with CSS frameworks and page builders.

  • Max interactivity, with minimal code. We use as little Javascript as possible. And we ensure that it's only loaded in the places where it's needed. We also, where we can, only use vanilla javascript, avoiding large libraries such as JQuery. If we need third party Javascript, then we opt for lightweight libraries.

  • Minimal requests to the server. We often see a web page making a large amount of requests for third party code. This is usually associated with WordPress websites using lots of plugins. We don't do this... we want your site to be super fast!

  • Right image, right-sized image.

    We're experts in making sure your website is using images efficiently. From delivering the right size image for mobile or desktop. Through to the use of WebP images where supported by the browser.

  • And more...

And that's not just fast in a defined region. For example, the United Kingdom. It means it's fast everywhere, from the US to the UK, to Australia.

1.2 Improve your site's accessibility

We believe that your statically generated website should not only be fast but also accessible. We tackle the accessibility issues often associated with page builders.

We go the extra mile to ensure that your site is accessible.

This includes:

  • Strong use of semantic tags
  • Aria labels where necessary
  • Skip to content
  • And much more...

Read of our Improving Accessibility article to understand more about accessibility.

Also, did you know that improving accessibility has a direct positive impact on your search engine rankings.

1.3 Make your site more secure

They're much more secure than a system such as WordPress. By opting for a SSG solution then you're choosing a safer, more secure environment for your website.

Our systems that we use only expose pure HTML. This frustrates would-be attackers. They can't do much with HTML... there's no login page for them to hack, no backend system exposed for them to hack into, or an outdated plugin that they can exploit.

Not only that, but for every edit your site is backed-up to Github - a world class and secure repository.

1.4 Easier to maintain

Also, SSGs do away with the need for constant system updates. And the consequent plugin updates that are then required. Our SSGs don't need this constant nurturing to ensure they're healthy. This provides you with enormous peace of mind about your site.

1.5 Easy to edit

We provide you with the best in CMS systems to make it easy to edit your website.

CloudCannon CMS

We're an expert for the CloudCannon content management system.

Headless content management systems

We also work with headless CMSs. So just let us know where your content is. And from there we can use it's API to build out your site. How about the following headless systems:

  • Headless WordPress
  • Sanity
  • Prismic
  • Strapi

1.6 Search engine optimisation

We have a very strong focus on search engine optimisation. All our sites and content management systems give you the tools you need to manage your search engine optimisation.

Please note: Yoast cannot run on a statically generated site. We'd recommend using Moz and their search tools.

You can read more about what SSGs are and their advantages in our article: What are static site generators?

2. Our static site generators

We use the following generators to build your site:

2.1 Eleventy

Our favourite SSG. Crazy fast builds. A great system for using with CloudCannon and headless CMSs.

2.2 Jekyll

The SSG that changed everything. We've used Jekyll to help our clients enjoy the benefits of SSGs.

2.3 Astro

We have sites in development using Astro at the moment. It's looking like a great solution. We're looking forward to using this more with clients in the future.

3. Migrate to a static site generator website

We can help you migrate your website.

The following are examples of migrations we'd love to help you with:

  • Elementor to static: Build and design your site the way you want it to look. We take it from there and do everything that Elementor are weak at. We're talking performance and accessibility.
  • Divi to static: As per Elementor. You have your site in Divi but are disappointed with its performance. We can take it from there to make it dance!
  • WordPress to static: We're happy working with your WordPress site, in whatever way you have built it. And will migrate it from there.

We'd also be happy to migrate your Joomla, Drupal, Gatsby site to one of our SSGs.

4. Dynamic content

You may need dynamic content pulled into your site from a remote data source. This can still be done with an SSG. We're able to build dynamic components that are embedded in pages. When they're loaded they leap into life and pull data into the webpage.

These dynamic components can be lazily loaded so that they don't impact the loading speed of the web page.

5. Search functionality

We can code search functionality into your site. Especially, useful for websites that are content rich.

6. E-commerce with Snipcart

If you're looking for a simpler e-commerce solution than Shopify or Woocommerce. We'd love to talk to you about the options with Snipcart.

7. Upgrade to a static site

We look forward to talking to you about getting you going with a super fast website. Please contact us to start the discussion. We can go into all the detail above and provide you with examples and demonstrations.

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