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Helping you price your application, helping you achieve your vision

Our web and app consultancy service supports you with creating project briefs. Essential for pricing. And our scopes of work provide the technical specification for a developer to build your app. Critical for ensuring that your app meets your requirements.

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We write quality project briefs and scopes of work

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We're Tim and Emma Bowerbank. Two experienced web and app developers but also armed with business expertise. We'll work with you, listening to your ideas and vision for your app, be it native or web. From there we'll create you a project brief. A brief that will help you find a developer and price your project. If you work with us, our scopes of work provide everything we need to build your project.

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Concise project briefs

Essential for approaching a development company. We translate your ideas into a handy document that developers will be able to price against.

Pricing accuracy

Our briefs are very comprehensive; developers can more accurately price from them. And this means less surprises for your budget.

Detailed scopes

When we develop your application, your project comes with a detailed scope of work. It's an output from our discovery phase with you. Essentially, a blueprint for your application that we can follow during the build.

Min jargon, max understanding

Throughout we ensure that you fully understand any aspect of the scope of work. We use plain English and provide explanations when we have to use technical words.

Helpful advice, quality web and app project briefs and scopes of work.

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1. When do you need our web and app consultancy services?

There are two situations in which you may need / will need our consultancy services.

1.1 When you don't have a project brief but you need an accurate price

Any web and app developer needs to have a thorough insight into your vision before they can provide a price. We're not talking a ball-park figure, but a proper accurate price carefully considered. The project brief is the tool for helping you get this.

Our consultancy service provides comprehensive project briefs.

The service includes:

  • Meeting to get-to-know your idea
  • Translating your idea from vision to paper in a format that is easily understood by developers
  • Possible feasibility testing of code that may be required in your project

You may also need this service when you have a project brief but it isn't detailed enough to quote from.

1.2. We've contracted with you, and it's time for building your app... a scope of work doesn't exist yet

Before we begin building your application then we will need a full scope of work. It's essential as we will follow this blueprint throughout the build. The scope will be generated as part of our discovery phase when you contract with us. It's part of the service we offer when we build your application.

It's all about the finer detail of your vision. And a big step up from the project brief.

2. All about the project brief

What is the project brief? It's a document that provides enough detail about your project so that a developer can price it. Or at least provide an accurate estimate, i.e. within a specific budget range.

It will contain:

  • An introduction to you and your organisation
  • An overview of your product / project including what need(s) it solves
  • Who it's targeted at
  • What devices it will run on
  • A list of the functionality required, for example, authentication of users (i.e. the ability to log in and out)
  • A short overview of the branding needed
  • A list of the screens required. And potentially their structure, e.g. showing any parent screen and child screen relationship
  • A desired delivery date
  • And more...

It is worth noting that there is a direct correlation between the level of detail and the accuracy of the price. So, it's worth going the extra mile to make the project brief as detailed as possible.

We're very happy to provide project briefs that can be used with other developers. Even happier when you ask us to quote of course!

3. All about the scope of work - Getting the job done!

We need a scope of work to follow when building your application.

This is the first step of any contracted work. If we have written the project brief then the scope of work is an extension of the brief. Specific sections will be expanded.


  • Screens: Each screen will have it's content listed, it's functionality described in detail. Who it can be accessed by, and when web, it's URL.
  • Design elements specified (e.g. buttons)
  • At this point, and if deemed useful, we will create wireframes
  • Any backend functionality

Extra sections may/will include:

  • User flow charts
  • How filtering of data will work
  • Milestones / phases defined
  • Definition of any calculations, for example, if the app was scoring a user on some aspect

4. The benefits of using Pendigital to write your web or app project brief

We're very approachable, have been coding a long time. And have significant business experience - particularly on the communication front. All helpful when writing project briefs and scopes of work.

We always go the extra mile in helpfully explaining any background to decisions that we make. And always keep an eye on cost, especially the on-going data costs involved with apps.

5. Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to write a brief?

Naturally, this depends on how big your app is. But generally, three to four days.

How long does it take to write a scope of work?

If we have written the brief then usually four to five days. Again, it depends on the size of your project.

Could I see an example brief and an example scope of work?

Yes, please contact us and we will meet and walk you through examples.

How much does a project brief cost?

Let us know about your project and we'll provide a price.

How much does a project scope of work cost?

This is priced into your project from the beginning.

Can I write the scope of work?

Ideally it needs to be provided by us since we'll be building your app.

Can you write a scope of work for another developer?

In short yes, but please discuss this with your developer... they may be planning to do their own discovery phase in a different way. And would prefer to work from their own scopes of work.

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