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Optimal Performance

We develop web and app solutions that help you optimize your business’s performance

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  • Tim Bowerbank Freelancer
  • Emma Bowerbank Freelancer
We're two UK based web and app developers. Friendly, approachable and focused on developing effective web and app solutions. Solutions that use the best of the modern web. We’re excited about the new advances in technology and we want you to benefit. We're based in Cornwall and can work with you wherever you are.

Web Development

From bespoke web systems through to simple, high performing websites with a CMS. Use us to launch your web projects. Read about our web development service

App Development

Save development costs with Pendigital. Our apps, built with Google's Flutter, use one code-base for both Apple and Android. Explore apps and Flutter

Game Development

Engaging games for the primary education market. Compatible with multiple devices including whiteboards and Chromebooks. Play in browser or as an app. Read game developer service

Featured News

We like to keep abreast of changes in our micro-environment of the technology world. We love to focus on the JAMStack, Angular as a front-end framework, Firebase, static site generators and more...
Scully static site generator logo

Scully launched

Angular now has a static site generator

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Wire-framing with Adobe XD

Wire-framing with Adobe XD

We switched our wireframing to Adobe XD recently.

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Blank sheet of paper for scoping a new web app on

Membership web app

Scoping out a membership web app from the start

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Web, App and Game Development

More than 30 years combined coding experience. Here to help you with designing, developing and deploying bespoke solutions...